The Worst Engagement Stories – Episode 254

Episode Description:

Heather gets into every way to nail a potential mate down in 2018. She breaks down The Bachelorette, The Proposal, The Affair and advice for our newly single Real Housewives of OC. Then NY Times Best Selling author Greg Behrendt of “He’s Just Not That Into You” along with his wife and co author Amira Ruotola joins Heather to discuss their new hilarious book “How To Keep Your Marriage From Sucking”. Get ready for the very real relationship tales.

The Scoop:


Greg Bahrendt and his wife Amira Ruotola co-wrote “How to Keep Your Marriage from Sucking” a hilarious and insightful book. I’ve actually known Greg for many many years now. We met when I was a student at The Groundlings and I’d become chummy with Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer was just this hilarious comedian, today you know her as Stiflers mom in American Pie and more recently 2 Broke Girls. Back then she was this hilarious, super sweet girl and she was dating Greg who at the time was just an alternative comic.

Many years later I see Greg on Oprah because he wrote the book He’s Just Not That Into You, which really was groundbreaking. It took all the questions that people would have like; “I don’t know why he didn’t call me back. Does he still want to hangout with me?” “Why is he being so wishy-washy.” etc. Greg boiled it down and cut to the chase, the answer is, he’s just not that into you.

While on these talk shows Greg would say, “Don’t waste the pretty” which I thought was a great line. He’s a really talent writer and funny guy. I read the whole book and there are some really funny true life stories and some great wisdom from both Greg and his equally talented wife Amira. I had such a great time chatting with them, that the interview went super long, so this is just part one.


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