Sex Traffic Survivor Frida Farrell – Ep. 293

Episode Description:

Heather talks to Frida Farrell who wrote produced and starred in the movie “Apartment 407” based on her true life story of surviving sex trafficking. Heather also gets into Mandy Moore’s wedding, Justin and Hailey Bieber’s new digs and the latest on Bravo’s Below Deck and who should really be fired.

The Scoop:

When Frida Ferrel was presented to me to come on the show I ended up watching the movie apartment 407. It’s a really crazy and different movie to watch. It is disturbing and sometimes hard to watch,  however I think that this is a topic that is not talked about enough. Sex trafficking is a very serious and real thing that is happening everywhere in the world even here in America. To hear her story firsthand that it happened 10 years ago in London I’ve found that even more fascinating. 

She has a really strong woman who not only starred in this movie but also wrote and produced it.  I think her story is really important because I think everyone can learn something from what she’s been through.