Saving tips for Real Housewives & the star of TV’s Pose – Ep. 266


Episode Description:

Heather discusses the dine and dash serial dater who is now facing up to 13 years in prison. Then she tells Bravo how to save The Real Housewives franchises especially RHOC. Heather then sabotages any chance of comedian Louis CK ever hiring her. Heather also talks to Angelica Ross from the hit TV Pose about her struggles growing up in a very Juicy interview where she asks the questions that no one else will about trans women and the men who are in relationships with them.

The Scoop:

I loved meeting Angelica Ross. She is an actress on the show Pose  and  a transgender woman. Her story was so great, many of you wished that it was longer. It actually was a little bit longer but we recorded it a while ago and some of the things that we talked about in the news I didn’t feel were relevant anymore but maybe I’ll gather up some of that and throw it on Patreon. I made sure to keep all the best parts, everything about growing up, to joining the military and her current dating life. She’s very intelligent, really sweet, so genuine and I learned a lot talking to her.

And of course at the top of the show I loved giving my tips on how to save the real housewives and again it is talking to the producers, it really is. I am going to keep working on that because they need to start to break the fourth wall.