RHONY Finale and Actress Nicole Eggert – Ep 262


Episode Description:

First Heather does Emmy worthy impressions of all Real Housewives of NY and their epic Cabaret finale and then she breaks down the poker party on RHOC. Heather is then joined by actress Nicole Eggert who was in the news a few months ago when she told her shocking story of her relationship with Scott Baio while she was minor on the set of Charles in Charge. Heather also delves into the aftermath of what a PR crisis firm did to her in retaliation.

The Scoop:

I really loved he season finale of Real Housewives of New York. I loved Dorinda getting pissed and screaming JOVANI! I loved all of their outfits and I loved seeing Luann’s cabaret show, which I got to see live with Jill Zarin this past May, so it was really full circle.

The Ramona and Bethenny fight, was one of my favorites to ever to reenact. It was a real good one and I’m really looking forward to the reunion, and I must say, Andy seems pretty biased towards Bethenny but maybe you are too. I know there are a lot of Bethenny fans here. I can keep an open mind, I am not a biased person when it comes to housewives – Can’t we all just get along.

Then I got into the real housewives of the OC. I’m not sold on either of the new girls but I’m starting to get a little more into this season. I talked to Kelly Dodd after the most recent episode and she asked “was it really that sad when I said I wasn’t invited to Thanksgiving?” I don’t know why, but yes, it just broke my heart that she had to go alone with Jolie to Thanksgiving.

And of course, I had Nicole Egger on. I had reached out to Nicole weeks ago when I found out that Scott was using the same PR crisis company that Norm Pittiz used. This guy Michael Sitrick, also wrote The Fixer.

So I reached out to her because I really want to talk about the aftermath. When I posted that I was going to be interviewing her, there was a lot of controversy. Some people thought she was a liar because of what they’ve seen Scott say which I found very interesting. But the best part was reading the comments the next day. Listened with an open mind and I actually changed many of your minds so I really enjoy that.
As she sat across from me I could tell what something like this does to someone when they’ve been a victim of sexual abuse at a young age and sexualized at a young age and how it weighs on you. I’m really excited to see what she does in the future now that she’s not keeping this secret anymore. I think that she has a great bright future ahead of her and I think she’s a really dedicated mom and a really sweet woman.


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