Real Men Listen to Juicy Scoop & the Matchmaker from The Real Housewives of NY – Ep 263

Episode Description:

The main accuser of Harvey Weinstein paid a settlement of $360,000 to a man who claims she raped him when he was 17. Heather talks to super-fans Tim & Alex about Before The 90 Days, RHONY, RHOBH, RHONJ and why if Tim watched these shows without his girlfriend present, it is comparable to cheating. Then Heather gets the full scoop on “Red Scarf” from RHONY from the Manhattan Matchmaker Rori Sassoon who set him up with Carole plus tips on how score a successful man or woman.








The Scoop:

I got an Email from this cute girl name Alex. She said, I’m dating this guy, he loves to watch Bravo and he’s obsessed with your podcast, we listen to it every week. I thought it might be fun to do, instead of real man of Bravo, this is the real man of Juicy Scoop.

Before they came, I talked to Tim on the phone first and I love that he is former military and that he’s a really sweet guy, who’s really into his girlfriend.

They live in San Diego but were willing to come here to talk all things Juicy Scoop. They are a cute couple and I enjoyed talking to them and getting their perspective on all the different show, so I have hope you enjoy that part.

The second half of the show I got to interview Rori Sassoon via skype. I really liked how honest she was when I asked her about women who had never had children. She said that she found it strange at first but now understands why. She tells me about how she met her husband. She was introduced by her gyno and he was 21 years her senior, yet they’ve had a very successful marriage 18 years, with a blended family.
I find her story to be really interesting and then her advice for setting up people and how it works was great. Also the fact that she was on the Real Housewives of New York was exciting and I thought you all would enjoy that.

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