Real Housewives of New Jersey Margaret Josephs- Ep 298


Episode Description:

Margaret gives so much juice, including being in Danielle Staub’s bridal party, Siggy Flicker, her affair with her contractor which led to marriage and the never ending Theresa verses Melissa. Margaret could not be more authentic from her naked shower scene to her lawsuit she shares all. Heather also gets into the latest drama surrounding Princess Megan Markle and 90 Day Fiancé.

The Scoop:

I was so excited to have Margaret from the real housewives of New Jersey because I got to hang out with her a few months ago when I was in New York. We went to the US Weekly party with her social media guy Tom.  He manages a lot of social media for many of the housewives. 

I had actually originally met Tom in the Hamptons and that’s how I then got connected with Margaret. 

I had dinner with Margaret and her husband and a couple other girls that were friends joined us and it was such a fun night.  And I told her once the season started I wanted to have her come on. But I’m not gonna lie the season had a bit of a slow start but it really picked up in the middle. Like when I saw the episode of when she started getting pissed because Daniela was being a bridezilla I knew I wanted to have her on.

I was so happy to have her on we did it through Skype but I thought she was so authentic and so fun to interview.  There wasn’t one thing she didn’t want to answer which made for a very juicy show. 


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