Real Housewives of Dallas Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman – Ep. 276


Episode Description:

Live from Dallas Heather and Chris Franjola dive into international hot topics including Lindsay Lohan, and monkey who dressed like a girl to beg. Then celebrity relationships like Justin and Hailey, Jwow, Ronnie and the property brothers. Then Stephanie and Brandi join and are hilarious and candid about the real housewives, their personal lives and the outrageous pranks they’ve played on each other that were not filmed.

The Scoop:

Brandi reminded me last weekend that we met in an elevator at the Standard Hotel about eight years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter. She was a fan of Chelsea Lately at the time and we were all in the elevator and I said “give her some room Brad” to Brad Wallick so that she would have room to expand her belly and that elevator. 

When they became housewives I reached out to both Stephanie and Brandi to come to one of my shows.  I actually had Stephanie on the podcast  about a year and a half ago but when I found out I was going to Dallas I contacted both of them to come do the live show.  And I  have to say they were both the easiest most down to earth housewives that I’ve had on. Not that anyone has been particularly difficult or high maintenance but they were just incredibly accommodating. They were easy going and I knew that they were fun but they surprised me at how funny and quick on their feet they were with all the questions. 

Of course as always it was a lot of fun starting out the show with Chris Franjola.  We did some international hot topics which of course I thought was amazing but my favorite was this video of a monkey dressed up like a little girl begging.