Live from San Diego with The Bachelor Nick Viall – Ep. 287


Episode Description:

The Bachelor with the most airtime in Bachelor history, Nick Viall returns to Juicy Scoop this time in front of a live audience. Find out what couple he thinks has the best chance of making it and why; how he really chose the engagement rings on the show and who he kept around just to make the producers happy.

Plus Heather gets into some of her favorite housewives impressions including Vida, MJ’s mom from her wedding on Shahs of Sunset

The Scoop:

I was very excited to do a Live Juicy Scoop in San Diego because what you guys don’t hear on the show is that I came out as Erica Jane and we also cut really good stuff that we do we do at the live show. We took a girls phone and Nick and I went through her tinder. We actually got a guy to come meet her at the comedy club! It was so funny and outrages, but it is something that we cut out of the show because it would be to hard to follow without the photos.  

I love to the shoe and I really saw that Nick opened up to us about himself and the juicy about the bachelor.

 I like what he said about other bachelor couples that he thinks will make it like Ashley and Jared. I thought that was really kind of interesting and profound and I hope he’s right. My other favorite part was when he said that the producers asked him to kiss a contestant really poorly cause I would make for great TV and I was shocked that he shared that kind of juicy with us so, hope you enjoy the show as well.