Live From Boston with Chris Franjola – Ep 253

Episode Description:

Heather re-enacts Real Housewives of New York and Southern Charm. Annie and David from 90 Day Fiancé return to discuss their new home inside a storage unit. Juicy topics and questions from the audience reveal who Heather would Marry, F*ck, leave in the Uber and Heather’s prediction if Theresa Giudice will ask Trump for leniency for Joe’s impending deportation or not.

The Scoop:

Doing a live show is always stressful. Every venue is different. I never know who’s going to be recording it and if they know what they are doing. I am always worried that at the end of the night someone is going to say that the show was never recorded or it’s lost. So no matter how prepared I am for these shows, there is always a level of stress.

I normally travel alone but on this particular weekend, I was taking my step-daughter Mackenzie away for the first time to Boston. We had a really great time, we even went to this bar and I saw all these really hot guys and I said, “Don’t you think this is fun? Look at all these cute preppy guys!” And as you know my step-daughter is half Chinese and she mentioned that it wasn’t a very diverse crowd.

As you’ll hear in this episode someone actually asks at the end of the show “Do you like the Boston? Don’t you think it’s too white?” And being white I probably wouldn’t have noticed unless my daughter had pointed it out. So at that point I mention that my step-daughter was in the crowd which was kind of exciting because the juicy scoopers wanted to see her and talk to her. Mostly she just met the VIP’s afterwards but I think it was great for her to see me in action. She took great photos of me up on stage and it was kind of cool for her to be recognized as well. The whole weekend was great so I hope you guys enjoyed this Hilarious and fun show with Chris.


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