Lea Black weighs in on Housewives, Flipping Out and Murder- Ep 301


Episode Description:

Happy New Year! Real Housewife of Miami Lea Black shares the darkest side of reality TV which includes witchcraft and Santeria. Lea is still pissed at Heather Dubrow. She tells of what it was really like when the epic fight between a jeff and Jenni occurred in her presence on Flipping Out. Lea, the wife of a defense attorney, also shares her connection to the jeweler whose adopted son was convicted of murder. Such a funny juicy interview to start 2019!

The Scoop:

Lea Black is so great and I wish that you could hear my laughter more during this interview,  but I’m fortunately we were doing it over FaceTime since she’s in Miami. But when she was talking about how did the chicken sacrificing to try to get back at her for the real housewives of Miami I was dying in laughter. Like only Lea Black! I guess she’s never told that story before and I just really appreciated her honesty she really is a charitable good supportive friend. 


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