Lance Bass and Michael Turchin – Ep 257

Episode Description:

Heather gets the juicy scoop about why Lisa Vanderpump’s dog Giggy hasn’t been seen out with his frenemy Harrison lately. They also talk Justin and Hailey Baldwin, actresses who become billionaires and never act again, Lou Pearlman aka the 6th Back Street Boy and Aaron Carter’s ability to vomit on cue.

The Scoop:

I met Lance a long time ago at a Lea Black’s charity event. He was hanging out with Joe Francis, from Girls Gone Wild, and I ended up hanging out with him as well. Since then we have remained friends and kept in touch for the last decade. Peter and I were lucky enough to be invited to Lance’s wedding, where he married his husband Michael.
I always have a great time talking to him. He’s always up on pop culture and he’s lead such an interesting life, especially having been a child star. He has such a different perspective and outlook on life.

Today he is killing it in the TV world as a host and producer. After running into him at the TomTom event, I immediately texted him and got him to come back to calabasas to be on the show again. We could have talked for 3 hours, but he’s a busy man and had to go, but we will definitely have him back.


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