Kim Zolziak Biermann of Bravo’s RHOA & Don’t Be Tardy – Ep. 267


Episode Description:

Kim answers all your questions from her lips to her estranged family members. We find out all about Kim’s early life as a single mom working as a nurse and a waitress in a strip club to how the Real Housewives of Atlanta truly began. She shares the trauma behind her son being attacked by their family dog and when she was attacked on the reunion couch. Kim also tells about the conversation she had with Andy afterwards which we didn’t see. Lots of juice plus positive philosophy to get you through relationships and disappointments are in this episode.

The Scoop:

Well I’ve been dying to interview Kim Zolciak Biermann for at least three years. Over the years I’ve reached out and a couple times it was supposed to happen and then her schedule would change. She’s from the Real Housewives of Atlanta so  I really wanted her to do the live show from Atlanta and we had some correspondence back-and-forth. Then she fell off the face the earth and only after it was over she’s like I just saw your text…

So I was really happy when she reached out to me and said I’m going to be in LA but I literally have this window from 12-2 before I have to catch my flight on the Friday of Labor Day at LAX. This made me very paranoid that for some reason they wouldn’t be able to get to us so we didn’t want to do it at our Calabasas office and we have another office but it’s in east Hollywood, which is not near the airport. 

Instead we booked at room at the Kimpton  Hotel and we set it all up beautifully Camera, everything, it was perfect… and she does not take elevators and it was on the ninth floor. I thought she was going to flake if she had to walk all the way up, so I called downstairs immediately and they were able to put us in the back room of the restaurant. It was very nice of them. Kascha was also very accommodating moving everything around. But I think it was worth the stress,  I think we got a great interview. She shared a lot about her family and hoe she worked at the strip club as a waitress. I thought her honesty was really refreshing and I really liked her a lot.