Juicy Crime update on the Sabrina Limone – Ep. 285


Episode Description: 

Heather shares her thoughts on the Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande breakup. Heather gives recaps and your favorite impressions on the Real Housewives and the 90 Day Fiancé cast. Then Heather’s sister Attorney Shannon McDonald Goldstein is back to and answer your questions from the last Juicy Scoop Crimes episode about The Dateline episode “Secrets in Silver Lakes” where a woman was sentenced to 25 years to life for conspiring to kill her husband.

The Scoop:

I hope you guys enjoyed the recaps of the reality shows. But the exciting part of this episode was having my sister back to help further explains some discrepancies about the trial of Sabrina Lemond. Since this episode has air I have also talked to her sister and cousin on the phone. They gave me some major juicy so make sure you are all caught up on this story because you don’t want to miss out. 


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