Juicy Crime! The attorney who represented woman convicted of conspiring to kill her husband exposes everything you didn’t know from this very famous Dateline “Secrets in Silverlake” – Ep. 284


Episode Description: 

Heather’s guests to discuss one of the juiciest Dateline episodes ever “Secrets in Silverlake” are her attorney sister, Shannon McDonald Goldstein’s and attorney Sharon Beth Marshall, who represented Sabrina Limone, who was just sentenced to 25 years to life for conspiring to kill her husband with her lover. Attorney Sharon Marshall just presented a motion for a new trial for her client Sabrina Limone based on the erroneous work of Sabrina’s former attorney. You will not only learn never before heard facts about this case from the attorney fighting for justice, but Heather, Shannon and Sharon also explore this woman’s marriage, friendships, mothering and swinging lifestyle from their perspective as fellow mothers.

The Scoop:

I obviously love to have Shannon my sister, come on the show and I was so excited when she let me know that a dear friend of hers (they’ve been on and off working colleagues and always call each other for advice) Sharon Marshall was the person who did the motion for new trial for Sabrina Limon in this case. This case I know is a favorite for those of us who watch dateline. The episode was called murder in Silverlake and narrated by Keith Morrison. It had everything I loved Jesus, swinging, Costco, hot firefighters, lake people and like blue-collar-tatted up hot guys and motorcycles.

It’s a very tragic story all around and it was really interesting to me as a layperson who just watched an hour or less of a dateline episode, have my opinion formed and then speak to an attorney that wrote a 60 page motion of why she should get another trial. She passionately believe that Sabrina deserves a new trial and that she was unaware that the killer was happening and is innocent and as she faces life. 

I you need an attorney check out Sharon or Shannons website:

Sharon: http://www.morriscriminallaw.com/Morris_Home_.html

Shannon: https://www.michaelgoldstein.net

And check out the Trail Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StRybHQlc_g