Jo Koy: Comedian of the Year Ep. 265


Episode Description:

Heather impersonates Jennifer Aniston for her most recent interview where she reveals her famous margarita recipe. Tip: Ramona’s vodka soda is more complicated. Would you pay 1,500 to attend a wedding? Then Jo & Heather talk about Jen Garner’s last wifely duty when she served Ben, Jack in the Box,  before serving him their final divorce papers. Then Jo opens up about the struggles he has had with his brother and how there are genes that can be triggered by recreational drugs.

The Scoop: 

I was excited to have my good friend, Jo Koy, back after he finished up his world tour and of course he is Peter’s favorite. I swear Peter and my son Drake love him more than they love me.

We had a lot of fun and some people thought he was a little argumentative with me in the beginning but I love that kind a brother sister banter that we have. 

The best part of the interview was finding out that there is a phenomenon where people, and you’ve all reached out to confirm this to me, have certain stores that the minute they walk in they need to take a big shit. Some of the stores, besides Gucci for our rich friend Jo Koy, are the same as ming, which is Target. It used to be Barnes and Noble but I no longer have one close by. Some of you have told me that TJ Max does it for you, Marshalls, Costco but mainly Target was the big one. It just relaxes everyone! So if you’re constipated go find that big round red dot.

On a more serious note, also hearing about Jo’s brother who suffers from schizophrenia- he wasn’t sure if he wanted to share it at first, but I told him how I could relate and I was glad that we could have that conversation.