Heather Learns The Ins and Outs of Cocaine Smuggling – Ep 252

Episode Description:

Austen from Southern Charm is caught cheating, forcing Heather to reluctantly crown Craig, the pillow seamstress, her new favorite. Heather makes a plea to Bachelorette Becca. And Author of Oh Shift, Nichole Sylvester, talks to Heather about how she went from smuggling cocaine to becoming a life coach.

The Scoop:

As you know, with this particular guest, she was recommended by a juicy scooper and I didn’t have the opportunity to read her book beforehand. I normally do but this was the week Drake broke his wrist. I knew that this girl had lived a tough life, that she had been around really rough people and drugs dealers and that she had dealt drugs, but I didn’t know how old she was or what she looked like.

So we were sitting at the office in Calabasas and I saw a couple of sketchy women walking by and I was like, has this girl been through a lot or is that just a tired mom picking her kid up from the tutor next door. All of a sudden in walks in a really cute, put together girl and we really did have a great time talking.

I did get one email after this came out saying that I treated this subject too lightly and that we were laughing too much about it. I don’t know what to tell you, that’s my vibe. I don’t want to be judgy with any of my guest. Today she is a great mother, author and working on her own business, so I didn’t want to shame her about what she did in the past. I wanted the full juicy story! I want to make every guest feel comfortable and relaxed. She was great and a really evolved person. I admire how she became a great mother and that she appreciates the life of her child because that’s really what straightened her out.


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