Heather in the Hamptons and Comedian Iliza Shlesinger – Ep. 258

Episode Description:

Heather gives the low down on her crazy weekend with Jill Zarin and the Real Housewives of Hamptons. Then newly married and always hilarious comedian Iliza shares her funniest moments from her latest stand up special and gets brutally honest about her honeymoon.

The Scoop:

So I knew, when I was going to be staying at Jill Zarin’s house, in the Hamptons for her luxury luncheon weekend, I was going to be bringing back the Juicy Scoop for you all.

I rarely travel alone when I’m not doing stand up or a Live Juicy Scoop or press or some kind of work, so it was great to go and just have a little fun. I didn’t have to worry about not drinking in the afternoon, because you know I like to do that. But I did do a little bit of work, gathering up the juice. I took notes on my phone, I took a million photos, got content, and tried to remember everything just for you people.

Now I did not see Dorinda that weekend, but there was a photo that Dorinda recently posted, that Tom her social media guy took. A Juicy Scooper then posted on Juicy Scoop obsessed, like what’s up with Dorinda’s feet because it looks like she has a lobster foot!

Now we analyze the picture and I couldn’t believe that I’d never noticed this. How had no one ever noticed that her foot looked like that and what happened to it? Was it an accident? Was it like that other housewife that lost a leg because she got too close to farming material? I needed to know the story behind this so I texted Tom the picture and asked if it was an optical illusion or does she have a lobster foot?

He sent me the original photo and I can confirm that it was just a weird photo glitch where she had her big toe down and her four other toes lifted in that moment and it made for a big space.

This is the kind of investigative work I do for you people when I am getting my podcast together. So I hope you enjoy this one. I met lots of people in the Hamptons, found out who I was in my past life and did many other fun things that make the Hamptons a ridiculously fun one percenter type of place. So if you haven’t yet, go and listen to the podcast for all the Juicy Scoop.


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