Former Comedian Lisa Lampanelli – Ep 292


Episode Description:

The self proclaimed Queen of Mean and insult comic, Lisa Lampanelli has retired from stand up comedy. Heather gets all the juicy scoop on what led her to choosing this dramatic lifestyle change. From her raunchy Comedy Central Roasts, to what Donald Trump said to her on The Apprentice, to her divorce and the time her freak out went viral it all led to her current place of a greater purpose. She still is as hilarious as ever so enjoy!

The Scoop:

When Lisa Lampanelli reached out I was very excited because I had read her book chocolate please and it was all about how she was overweight, loved chocolate men and chocolate cake. It was about all of her different relationships but it was also brutally honest.   I find her very interesting, very smart, very funny and very relatable, However her stand up was always so shocking. She called herself the queen of mean,  she was an insult comic with a very masculine vibe. She will use it racist homophobic slurs,   Which is not at all how she is in her real every day life. It was almost like she was making fun of how ridiculous and outrageous it is to be racist or homophobic. 

The fact that she has now retired from standup and has totally changed what she’s doing is great but I did want to point out to her and everybody that I don’t think she’s really retired from comedy.  I think she realize that her act just know longer work anymore in 2018. 

What she’s doing now isn’t exactly in the art of stand up or performing at Comedy clubs. But I think it was a really smart PR movies since she has completely changed what she’s doing now. I think this next chapter in her life will be really healing and helpful to many people.