Escaping Scientology and Late In Life Lesbianism – Ep 273


Episode Description:

Heather interviews Michelle LeClair, author of Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and fighting for the Woman I Love about what it was like to leave Scientology when you aren’t famous but gave a lot of money and were high in the church. Heather witnesses filming of The Bachelor in Maui and gives hilarious recaps of RHOC and RHOD.

The Scoop:

I picked up the people magazine with Michelle LeClaire on the cover and talked about her story on the show. I was so intrigued by her story that we reached out and I was so excited to do an interview with her. I wasn’t able to read the whole book before interviewing her but I did read parts of it and it was super juicy. 

We did the interview over Skype she was really lovely, attractive and really open about everything that has happened to her. There wasn’t one question she wasn’t willing to answer. 

I love learning more about Scientology and how people get sucked into it. More importantly how they let the people who are not as important and don’t give as much money go, they just let them walk out. It’s the big donors like her or the famous people that have a harder time leaving. I thought that was something that finally really made sense to me about how all the stuff is going on in Scientology.

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