Escape from Jehovah Witness, 90 Day Fiancé Reunion & Vanderpump Rules – Ep. 304


Episode Description:

Heather talks to a Juicer Scooper who was a Jehovah Witness for over 20 years until he escaped. His story is fascinating and he answered every question you’ve ever had about this door knocking religion. He reveals how self serving the religion is. Heather also impersonates most of the cast of 90 Day Fiancé Cast as they reunited to tear each other apart. Also, the burden Lisa Vanderpump has to save DJ James Kennedy and broken birds.

The Scoop:

I loved talking to this Jehovah’s Witness! He was super sweet and really cute. He answered every question that I had and now I feel like I really understand the religion. 

Now I have even more people reaching out wanting to talk about their experience with the religion or their experience with other religions. I truly believe the best way to learn about something is to talk to people and hear about their experiences. I think that that’s the best way to learn and educate yourself. 

Although a lot of what he said wasn’t good he did specifically say a lot of things that he did enjoy about the religion and I thought at the end of the story when he did re-connect with his parents it was really wonderful. 


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