Dancing with The Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Ep 277


Episode Description:

Heather explains how she was grounded for hanging out with Jason Bateman. She also explores who Katherine Dennis might be dating, impersonations of 90 Day Fiancé characters and Real Housewives of Dallas. Then Maksim answers all of the juiciest questions Heather could ask about DWTS like when your celebrity partner hits on you and when they are bad dancers plus his inspiring and sexy life story.

The Scoop: 

I was very excited to meet Maks from Dancing with the Stars because I was always told that he would be the person that was matched with me, since he’s tall, he’s 6’2. 

Before he came in, I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought he was sexy as hell, I liked his accent. I was very impressed with his life story and how hard he worked. That hard working Eastern European vide that you get from immigrants from that part of the world.  It’s true! It’s just that kind of person and he was really hot to look across to. 

I also loved that he was so forthcoming with things, so it really was a pleasant surprise interview. 


Photos from the Episode:


Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets.                                               Young Jason Bateman







Before the 90 Days: