Comedy Legend Elayne Boosler says “He’s not dead so sue me, asshole! – Ep 299


Episode Description:

It’s Christmas Day and Heather has a Brand new episode for you as she shares some juicy and sweet listeners’ letters. Then Heather talks to Elayne Boosler, one of the few headlining female stand ups during the 1970s & 80s and boy does she have some major juicy scoop about Hollywood and the assholes who run it!

The Scoop:

I wanted to do a Christmas episode that included some great-fullness. I always read all of your emails and they’re always so sweet. So I wanted to pick out a few that I thought were especially touching. Somewhere given to me at life shows, some were emailed to me and I just wanted to let you all know that means a lot to me that I can bring any kind of joy to people going through a lose, treatment or any kind of pain. So I really wanted to share that and share my appreciation for all of my listeners whether you’re having a great day and my podcast can make that day even better or if you are going through a hard time and I can bring just a little bit of laughter into your life. 

I also interviewed a lane because low for the show who is a comedian that I remember watching when I was quite young. It was so great having her come in and to gain the perspective of a comedian who started in the 60s and who had such a different experience than all of us did. she also had such a great attitude about everything and was definitely not well with me at all. She was really fun and she came in with her really cool husband and they were just kind of like sweet hippies. 


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