Comedian Stuttering John Melendez on Howard Stern and who is and isn’t an asshole in Hollywood- Ep 302


Episode Description:

Heather’s long time friend John Melendez who is best known for his years on Howard Stern and Jay Leno. He has a new book out and he gives so much Hollywood Juicy Scoop you won’t believe it! His stories include Artie Lange, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here”, the Kardashian Jenners and so much more.

The Scoop:

I talk about this in the interview but I met John along time ago. I read his book and thought it was so juicy with so many big players from Jay Leno to Howard Stern and Chelsea handler. I had to take some of this interview and put it on Patron because it was just so JUICY. I highly suggest you listen to both the patron and  get John‘s book because they are just too juicy. I know he’s not the typical guess because he’s a man over 50 but I just thought it was too good and too do you say not to share with all of you. 

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