Comedian Sarah Colonna and The Virgin Bachelor – Ep. 268


Episode Description:

Another Heather prediction has become true and Sarah and Heather reenact what they think happened when Colton was told he was next Virgin The Bachelor. They cover the 2 hottest funerals of the year, the latest with Lindsay Lohan and actors who work at Trader Joe’s. Then Heather describes a book about escaping Scientology to become a late in life lesbian. Plus the latest with Rose McGowan and Asia Argento.

The Scoop:

Always love having my comedian friends on and when Sarah Colona called, I knew that she would be able to talk about the Bachelor and that we would both have very strong opinions about Colton the new Bachelor. 

Last night, after recording, Sarah texted me saying a lot of people on the Internet think that Colton might be gay because he said “I’ve always lived my life for everyone but myself.” 

I don’t know, I think he could be referring to the fact that he’s been playing football and really didn’t love it. Which happens a lot with kids that’s are really into sports, the whole family gets really into the sport. Later everyone finds out that they really hated it and wanted to quit. So I don’t know that I believe that he’s gay, however I did tweeted two nights ago that I couldn’t wait to announce his boyfriend so… A lot of people are not excited about him coming on so I think he might even pull out, but I guess they tested him and they like him.

Sarah also talked about what she’s going to wear to her funeral and I think it’s something everybody should plan. 

We also talked about a women my friend has on Facebook who I think has Munchhausen‘s disorder and how she demanded her daughter go to the hospital after getting stuck in one of those baby swings. Now I said I was going to post the picture up here but my friend who originally sent me the picture said that she didn’t want me to because she didn’t want  the Mom finding out.