Comedian Josh Wolf – Ep 269


Episode Description:

Josh Wolf and Heather go way back even before their years at Chelsea Lately which they discuss along with Josh’s worst gig performing for The LAPD Christmas party. They talk about Les Moonves the latest sexual harasser to go down and when Heather auditioned for his wife Julie Chen’s show, The Talk. They get into the latest with Serena Williams and Cardi B and how fashion week has changed inspiring them to write and act out a movie on the spot!

The Scoop:

I’ve known Josh Wolf since way before Chelsea Lately. We met when I first started doing stand up and we have a really great friendship as you can tell. 

I was excited to have him on the show because I wanted to get into Serena Williams and Les Moonves. This led us to talk about Louis CK which I was really excited about because he brought up the fact that he’s talked to Rebecca Corey recently who is one of Louis CK’s victims. My favorite part though was when we came up with our movie script about about a girl that was very pretty but couldn’t get a job because she was so pretty but had no Instagram followers so she had to pretend to be disfigured. We will be writing that soon so look for it in theaters.