Comedian Fortune Feimster – Ep 264

Episode Description:

Heather’s good friend and former office mate, Fortune joins to discuss the latest with Asia Argento whose text messages prove she had sex with a 17 yr old. Then they get into Ben Affleck’s latest girlfriend and create the man Jen Gardner should date. Heather reveals her connection to the woman who dated Kelly Dodd’s ex husband and they improvise how Emily the latest RHOC addition may have been hired. Get ready to laugh!

The Scoop:

I always love when I have friends on like Fortune and we had a lot of fun. The biggest thing we talked about was that Ben Affleck was hanging out with this 22-year-old playboy model. Now we recorded this on Wednesday and on Thursday the scoop came out that Jennifer Gardner, his soon to be ex-wife, had an intervention because of him hanging out with this 22-year-old model all weekend. Of course he was obviously doing something else because she convinced him to go to rehab, but before dropping him off, he went back to the same Jack in the box, that he was at this weekend. I don’t know if it’s the same one but it must be and there must be a TMZ person or a Daily Mail reporter hiding out there.
Anyways Jen took him to Jack in the box and he got his food, and he looks completely wasted in the back seat. So if you’ve never been to Jack in the box you might want to go.

Hopefully he’ll get better, but Jen still has to find a man and I love that people loved my improve with Fortune about Uncle Architect Alex. We are putting this man out into the universe because it would really be nice, while Ben is away at rehab, if Jen could meet someone who could be a father figure to the kids.
I also wonder if Jen was talking to Ben’s now ex-girlfriend Lindsey like, “I thought you were bad and now he has this 22-year-old. Has he lost his fucking mind. Does he need to go to rehab for the third time.” Well, yes he does.

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