Comedian Chris Franjola and his drunk Oscar winner – Ep. 286


Episode Description:

Chris and Heather get into all the latest pop culture stories like Alec Baldwin fighting for a parking space and when Chris witnessed his ex wife Kim Basinger wasted in Malibu. Then Chris and Heather improvise Princess Kate and Samantha Markle plus when Jen Gardner met her regular Joe boyfriend at the park and so much more! You know Chris is always a hilarious delight so enjoy!

The Scoop: 

With Chris we always cover all the hot topics in the Magazines and online, but I loved that he saw Kim Basinger wasted. That means that Alec Baldwin, her ex-husband, isn’t the only one person that needs to be watch. I love that Chris is like our own little star sighter. He is the Juicy Scoop insider!


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