Comedian Bert Kreischer – Ep 288


Episode Description: 

Bert Kreischer is one of the hottest comedians today with a hit Netflix special and an impending World Tour, his hilarious story telling is juicy too. Heather gets him spill about his short comings and the woman he almost lost and why. He is a real delight. Also, Heather gives the scoop in the the latest RHOC drama. Enjoy.


The Scoop: 

I’ve mentioned on the show before that Bert’s daughter goes to the same school I want to in high school, that’s really close to my house. Of course I already knew who Bert was in the comedy world but as I’ve mentioned, I’m not very close to many comedians who weren’t on Chelsea Lately because I don’t go down to the club and perform very often. 

But I really respect his work and also his podcast. I was really excited to go down to his man cave where he record his podcast and we didn’t episode on his show an episode four juicy scoop.

I found him totally delightful, really open and extremely sweet and generous. We really are planning on having dinner with them because we just have too much in common not to. 

One thing I noticed in the comments about my interview with Bert, but also other male comedian, that you think they’re quite braggadocio’s up about their success. I found that quite profound because no one has said that about female comedians I have on. 

I think this is a good learning lesson for how women and men exist in this world. Men tend to be more outwardly proud and loud of their success where women tend to be more humble.