Brittany Furlan star of Netflix’s American Meme – Ep.310


Episode Description:

Heather shares more scoop on Andy’s baby shower. Is it cheating if Lala Kent goes down on you on Vanderpump Rules or just two drunk girlfriends? Then Brittany Furlan tells her life story from her years as a troubled teen who spent time in a mental institution to comedy internet Vine star to getting Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee to be her groom, she bares all including horrible boyfriends. This is an extra long one to get you through the winter storm so enjoy!

The Scoop:

I was very excited to talk to Brittney because I loved her in the documentary, American Meme on Netflix. She was so cute, she arrived with her little dog, and the podcast ended up going really long. On top of her quick wit personality she also has this really deep and emotional story about when she was a teenager, she dealt with cutting, and as an adult she’s dealing with anxiety and depression. As soon as the episode when up there was an overwhelming response of how much this story meant to other people whether it was because they were dealing with similar things or they had a loved one or friend dealing with similar things. It shows how episode important it is to tell somebody if you’re going through something or tell a parent if you have a friend going through this and you’re younger. 

A lot of people also wrote into me and mentioned how important it is to also talk to your children about mental illness in your family. Which is something I had mentioned previously. Just like you would tell your kids if there is a history of diabetes, heart disease or any other medical family history that important to know, mental illness is equally as important to know about. It’s important for everybody to be educated about what they are susceptible to and that ranges from physical to mental health. 

All in all I thought this was a perfect interview because along with the Hollywood juice and the funny moments and learning about her engagement to Motley Crue‘s Tommy Lee, she also was very venerable and shared some very important life lessons. 


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