Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan – Ep. 283


Episode Description: Heather has a new neighbor and it’s Blac Chyna! Then the hilarious Reza from Shahs joins and answers every question including his one time sexual relationship with MJ, his baby making future and why Mike really got pissed at him in Vegas plus so much more! Get ready to laugh through the juice.

The Scoop: 

I met Reza at Andy Cohen’s first book party at SUR.  Andy’s first book came out like seven or eight years ago so the show had just started and I met him and Mercedes. Ever since then any time I’ve run into them I’ve really enjoyed talking to them. Last year I try to get them on the show and the season came and went. Then I ran into them at Tom Tom and I got restless digits. I love how open and honest Reza is about everything. He really opens about about what the show has done for him at his realistic opinion of it as well.