Bravo’s Millionaire Match Maker Patti Stanger & The Fyre Festival – Ep, 307


Episode Description:

Heather shares her connection to the latest Mariah Carey lawsuit. Heather also admits she would have wanted to attend the Fyre Festival. The latest with Heather’s neighbor Blac Chyna and the TV series Love After Lock Up. Then Bravo’s Millionaire Match Maker Patti Stanger tells you the best ways to meet the right men, how to avoid a Dirty John and why Billionaires have open marriages.

The Scoop:

 I think Patti always has great advice about dating and brings up different aspects and how it’s constantly changing. What worked a few years ago, no longer works today. I unfortunately agree with her, that you need to go out by yourself in order to meet people. With dating apps like tinder, we forget how hard it is to approach someone in person, and I think people are getting use to it. We are so use just swiping, that we start to really fear in person rejection. So if you are truly wanting to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and just do it. 


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