Bravo’s Below Deck’s Caroline Bedol gives major Juicy Scoop -Ep 309


Episode Description:

The Housewives infiltrated LA for Andy’s Baby Shower and no one broke a hip. RHOC David Beador’s live in girlfriend shows her true character at the Irvine Walmart. The Real Housewives of New Jersey are familiar with a what a monkey’s asshole looks like. Then Below Deck’s most controversial stewardess Caroline tells what really happened especially on her last day and when the Bravo executive called her about the upcoming reunion. Enjoy!

The Scoop:

We connected with Caroline through a Juicy Scooper. As you can hear in the interview she does connect with a lot of fans. 

Kascha had a little difficulty arranging the interview because she did flake a few times. And on top of that, we normally FaceTime or Skype our interviews, but she was unable to access a computer for Skype or get it on her phone so if the audio is terrible, we apologize.

But I think the interview was still really juicy and makes you think, if you are not mentally stable enough you should not be going on the shows. But at the end of the interview she says that she doesn’t regret it and she would do it all over again. I don’t think she needs to and I don’t think she was memorable enough or recognizable enough that the show would ruin any possible future career. So I think she’s going to be just fine out of the public eye. Below deck is just such a juicy show so I’m so happy that she did come on and tell us all of this stuff and I hope you enjoyed it too. 


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