Below Deck’s Rhylee, Sister Wives, Abducted in Plain Sight & Michael Jackson – Ep. 311


Episode Description

Sister Wives On TLC are back and as disturbing and juicy as ever. Heather shares the similarities between the documentary “Abducted In Plain Sight” and the movie about Michael Jackson “Leaving Neverland”. Then Bravo’s Below Deck star Rhylee Gerber answers all about boning on camera, Ashton’s near death man over board accident, how to go on a yacht and not be a Hooker Lite and if 1st Deckhand Ross is now dating the worst primary guest ever from the show, Krystal, oh and they are dating!

The Scoop:

I was excited that Rhylee was quick to take our interview. I had gotten a lot of criticism over my interview with Caroline. Now I admit I didn’t watch all of the episodes with Caroline in them so I wasn’t as knowledgeable when I was questioning her about her time on the show.  But I did really get into the show by the end of the season so I felt way more knowledgeable talking to Rhylee. I think she’s so cute and cool. I really appreciate her honesty about everything and I love that she gave us some hooker light info, I was not expecting that so that was a juicy delight. 


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