Backstage at The Golden Globes, 90 Day Fiancé & Love After Lock Up – Ep 303


Episode Description:

Heather talks with celebrity reporter Marissa Sullivan about interviewing the stars backstage just after their Golden Globe win. They also debate is Jen and Justin were ever actually married and if Kevin Hart should host the Oscars or not. Heather breaks down the weddings on 90 Day Fiancé and why Love After Lock Up must be the easiest reality show to cast as opposed to The Real Housewives.

The Scoop:

Back from break and ready to break down everything that has been going on. R. Kelly – what a total creep. That special is a must see but so disturbing. We also get into all of our favorite shows like 90 Day Fiancé and Love After LockUp. 

I also have a special guest Marissa Sullivan who is a celebrity reporter and has worked for many magazines. She was on the red carpet and backstage at the Golden Globes we talk about the fashion, who should be hosting the Oscars and whether Jen and Justin ever really got married. 


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