Are you Team Bethenney or Team Carol of Real Housewives of New York? – Ep 255

Episode Description:

Heather re enacts what went down in Columbia with RHONY and makes a plea to Craig of Southern Charm to make a lifestyle change. Plus, the second half of Greg Behrendt and Amira’s interview about their book “How to Keep Your Marriage from sucking”. They share details about Kathy Griffin’s wedding and more relationship tips regarding social media.

The Scoop:

Well, you know, as I said in the show I woke up shook about Bethenny! I thought she was just so awful, I’ve been taking polls everywhere I go and Kascha who works with me doesn’t agree with me, but I thought it was one of the best episodes. Seeing these women all fight over this red scarf man or Tom 2.0, was pretty amazing to watch.

I was also just enthralled with Southern Charm. I watched it with Peter who had never seen the show before, so he was asking about Craig and I had to tell him… he’s making pillows. Also I want to say this again, I don’t think people are being mean about the sewing, I think it’s about the lack of ambition. If he wanted to really kill it in the sewing business, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with him not being a lawyer. But he can’t even finish ONE pillow sham! He gave a half made bear to a pregnant women on a TV show. Like he is absolutely clueless! He has no self awareness.

I really feel happy for Naomi, she was probably like, ‘thank god this not part of my life. You pathetic and a mean little baby boy that literally said, your a meany-pot.’ So good rides to Craig. I don’t even care that he’s hot. Unless he comes out gay next season, I will not be supporting his life.


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