90 Day Fiancé, Juicy Crimes and Part 2 of a Sucky Love Story – Ep. 306


Episode Description:

Heather get’s into how Temptation Island and Dateline have their first crossover. The latest about Larissa from 90 Day Fiance and her legal troubles. The bachelor contestants were creeped out by Nick Offerman’s first time sex story. Will Heather be invited to Jenifer Aniston’s birthday vacation. Heather is battling a possible new addition. Vanderpump Rules Stassi’s mom’s ovaries are being absorbed into her body. And the second half of Brittani Louise Taylor’s terrible love story about a Dear John type. 

The Scoop:

I was distracted doing the top of the show because Kascha introduced me to Dr. Pimple Popper videos. It’s very similar to my obsession with the back cracking videos. I just know that I could sit their for 30 minutes watching these videos. BUT I did get into the 90 Day Fiance drama. I am very interested in knowing who is and for how long people are responsible for individuals on a K1 visa.

I am also trying to figure out where Jen Aniston is going to be having her 50th Birthday Party and who’s going to go. I’m excited to hear more about that. I am watching the bachelor but it’s not good, but I will keep watching it for all of you.

Here is the video of my the pimple popping video I was talking about:


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