300th Episode with Chris Franjola and Fortune Feimster – Ep 300


Episode Description:

To celebrate 300 episodes of Juicy Scoop Heather got Chris and Fortune to cover the juiciest topics of 2018 including Heather Locklear, Les Moonves, why hot people have abandoned LA rooftop bars and the latest created conversation between Prince Harry, Megan and her horrible sister. Thank you for listening and getting me to 300! Enjoy! 

The Scoop:

I was so excited to have my 300th episode with two of my really good friends Chris Franjola and Fortune Feimster.  We taped it a few weeks before so some of the topics I had to either take out or they might seem a tad old but I just thought it was a fun way to celebrate my 300th episode. I cannot believe I’ve done 300 episodes! I thank all of you for the support ! 


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