Comedian Fortune Feimster – Ep. 279


The Description:

Fortune and Heather celebrate Princess Megan’s pregnancy by improvising a made up conversation between Megan and her horrible half sister Samantha. They explore vintage RHOC days, how it shaped the way Heather parents her sons and why Fortune wishes Don and Vicky were still boating at Lake Havasu together. Then Heather as Lisa Rinna confronts Fortune for spreading rumors about she and Harry Hamlin plus Fortune’s personal insight on Pete Davidson & Ariana breaking up and a full recap of Before the 90 Day Fiancé reunion special.

The Scoop:

I am always so excited to have fortune Fiemster come on and we had lots of hot topics to cover. The most important of which, Megan Markel is pregnant. We did a really fun impromptu improv and I think I played a great Megan Markel and Fortune did a great job playing her crazy half-sister Samantha. 

We also went in a new direction talking about the housewives. Fortune did have a pretty Big claim about Lisa Renna and Harry Hamlin, which I don’t think is true but it’s all very juicy.

If you want to see fortune live go to for all of her dates.