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09/07/18Tempe ImprovTempe, AZ Buy Tickets
09/08/18Tempe ImprovTempe, AZ Buy Tickets
09/27/18Houston ImprovHouston, TXBuy Tickets
09/28/18Addison Improv Dallas, TXBuy Tickets

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Date Venue City Tickets
September 7, 2018Tempe ImprovTempe, AZ Buy Tickets
September 8, 2018Tempe ImprovTempe, AZ Buy Tickets
September 27, 2018Houston ImprovHouston, TXBuy Tickets
September 28, 2018Addison Improv Dallas, TXBuy Tickets
September 28, 2018Addison Improv Dallas, TXBuy Tickets
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When Heather McDonald stood on stage in front of dozens at the 1992 Miss Tarzana pageant she assumed she had reached her peak. Little did she know, twenty-something, mostly sober, years later, Heather would be an in-demand, multi-faceted, comedian headlining sold out shows across the country.


In addition to stand-up, television guest spots and un-credited reality TV cameos, Heather can be heard twice a week on her hit podcast, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, breaking down pop culture, her own personal drama and anything ‘juicy’ people are talking about that week. Guests range from Real Housewives to real listeners. Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald averages over 1.3 million downloads a month and has over five thousand, five (5) star reviews on ITunes.


Heather wrote best sellers, You’ll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again and MY INAPPROPRIATE LIFE: Some Material Not Suitable for Small Children, Nuns, or Mature Adults..
In 2015 she debuted her Showtime special, I Don’t Mean To Brag, which later aired on Netflix. For seven years Heather wrote, produced and appeared on Chelsea Lately as well as it’s spin off show, After Lately.


She was also a contributing writer on the Wayans’ Brothers films, White Chicks and Dance Flick.


Her column, “What Heather McDonald Noticed This Week” can be read each week in InTouch magazine.




Personal Appearances and Live Performances WME 310-285-9000 Silvio Lund heathermcdonaldbooking@gmail.com
WME 310-285-9000 | Justin Ongert | David Sherman heathermcdonaldmanagement@gmail.com |
EMAIL HEATHER DIRECTLY at TheRealHeatherMcDonald@gmail.com
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